I love working with people who are driven and looking to go to the next level. I believe no one understands a high achiever better than another high achiever. 


I have been a serial high achiever alI my life, in all aspects of my life, whether it was corporate, government, entrepreneurship, or athletic (I’d even go so far as to say marriage, too). I had an illustrious corporate and government career: I worked on multibillion dollar projects in the aviation and transportation industries, in Marcomms, Project Management and Strategy. I was always a competitive athlete, holding titles like National and Regional Squash Champion and Collegiate Athlete NCAA and Club Division 1 in volleyball and beach volleyball; I trained for and competed in Ironman races; and today I practice yoga and martial arts with focus and determination. I also own multiple businesses, and I am a proud husband and father. I’ve experienced extreme highs and extreme lows throughout, and as a result, learned valuable lessons and gained meaningful insights that I bring into my coaching technique. 


I developed The Ascension Method after extensive research and training, to guide high achievers towards reaching their full potential in any area of their lives without sacrificing their quality of life. I am committed to supporting their journey to live a life full of purpose, fulfilment, joy and freedom.