I’m a father and a husband, and nothing gives me more pride than to hold those titles. In my youth, I was a national and regional squash champion, and an NCAA athlete (indoor and beach volleyball), having won scholarships to the US to play (side note: I grew up in the UAE but I also lived in New York, Ohio, Atlanta, Luxembourg and France). As an adult, I competed in Ironman races, and trained in MMA, crossfit and everything in between. I have also climbed the corporate and government ladder, all the way to the top. I worked on multi billion dollar projects, in the aviation and transportation industries, in Marcomms, Project Management and Strategy. I also caught the entrepreneurial bug and started a business with my wife. 


At some point, my health crashed, and my mental state took a hit too. Nothing conventional was working for me, so I took matters into my own hands. 


That’s how my journey into the world of health and wellness began. I became a serial biohacker, trying different diets and training (exercise) in different modules and disciplines. After I got certified as a health coach, I realized that it would take more than exercise and nutrition to help people heal, and that it was important to integrate the mind and the spirit with the body. So I attempted various styles of meditation and mindfulness practices, among other things, and read a lot about the quantum field. Let’s just say I self-experimented and researched A LOT. I took things further by becoming a certified master life coach, master hypnotist, time paradigm techniques master practitioner, NLP master coach and master practitioner, RSCI master coach, and relationship coach. After trialling and fine-tuning my techniques with all these modalities, I developed my own holistic method - The Ascension Method -  and have had great success with clients.  


I feel the best I’ve ever felt in years. I live a life of pure joy and ultimate freedom, and have found my life purpose: To support high achievers in their journey of reaching their true potential all the while experiencing fulfilment, joy and a great quality of life.