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Episode#17 :Arsalan Alhashimi (Path back to Joy)

CAUTION: Make sure you are not driving or if you are, park you car safely on the side, because in this episode we will be diving into deep topics that might leave you transformed just listening to it. I cannot guarantee you will leave this episode the same person you were before.


Meet Arsalan, He is a High performance Master Coach. In this episode we talk about the meaning of life, what joy really is, what is our purpose in life, what does it mean that we are mirroring people around us. We also touch base on living a life of surrender and allow life to flow through you.

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Arsalan Al Hashimi - High Performance Master Coach


Livehealthy.ae editor Ann Marie McQueen Zooms with high performance master coach Arsalan Al Hashimi about how he healed himself after a physical and mental breakdown -- and emerged inspired to help others do the same.

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Electronic Music Man LIVE Broadcast at Ultraviolet DXB Festival April 23 2020


Music Man first LIVE Broadcast was added, on this episode with James Locksmith, he invited master peak performance coach Arsalan Al Hashimi, electronic music label and business services CEO of Ma'ana Music, Tobie Allen and DJ, promoter and owner of Infusion Magazine, Charl Chaka, for a round table discussion on free online content, live performance streaming and health and well being practices during COVID.


Resilience with Arsalan Al Hashimi

Our guest on this episode is Master Performance Coach Arsalan Al Hashimi from Dubai. We dive deep into a discussion around RESILIENCE in time of change and uncertainty.


Arsalan Al Hashimi On quantum healing, setting boundaries, what it takes to compete in Iron Man and when is it time to surrender OR quit??


On this episode of Electronic Music Man with James Locksmith, Arsalan explains the lessons he learned in Iron Man competitions, collective consciousness healing and quantum healing Vs quick short term solutions and when is it time to quit or surrender.