• Arsalan Al Hashimi

Improving Your Life

What is more important to us than improving our own lives, or helping to improve

the lives of the ones we love? For many high achievers, it’s an impulse that we feel the urge to fulfill on a daily basis and on multiple fronts.

In my practice, what I try to do with my clients is to help them understand that like everything else, they need to sometimes take a moment, and step outside of themselves and take a macro perspective of their life. The Ascension Method —a method I have developed after a decade of self experimentation, learning many different modalities, and working with many high achievers— does just that. It allows my clients to assess their lives, objectively, against the 7 most essential pillars of their lives, and quantify how well they’re doing in each pillar, and hence identify which pillars they need to work on to bring their lives back to center, where joy and freedom exist. I have found that when we are out of balance in one or more of these pillars, we feel unhinged, and therefore experience life with the feeling that “something is missing.”

The 7 pillars are:








What I have discovered while working with many high performers, is that they feel that if they concentrate their efforts on one or two elements in their lives, that the rest will magically catch up, or be affected positively. For example, they think “if I work really hard on my career, it means I will have more money, which is more security for my wife and kids, which means that they will be happier, and will appreciate me more,” only to come home everyday to a wife and kids that demand more time from them because they are not seeing them enough, resulting in resentment and a stressful environment for everyone involved.

The truth is far from that. The reality is, that the more you pull in one direction without a strategy to bring the other pillars of your life up to the same level, you will only be inversely affecting the others. The trick here is to understand that all of these pillars work separately, yet affect each other equally.

We all work really hard everyday with the intention to improve our lives and to increase our performance, in whatever career we are in. To achieve that, we have to pay respect to all the elements of our lives, and find an inclusive strategy that will give us a comprehensive plan to bring about even more joy and freedom.

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