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“Return to the root of the root of your own self” -Rumi

A method that guides you on an inward-outward journey of self discovery and reconditioning of the unconscious mind, which results in a total transformation from the inside out.  This method has been developed through years of research and refinement, crafting it into an effective, efficient and powerful experience of transformation and change.  

It is based on the firm knowledge that there is no total transformation unless the conditioning we acquired through our early years of formation are reconfigured to the required necessities of today’s world and what serves our current inner life.

After reconditioning the unconscious mind, we start exploring the body and environment, where we enter the phase of transforming your external reality, and realigning your life pillars with your new conditioning.  This requires a deep dive into the 7 pillars of life mastery and finding out how we can bring all of them to optimum functionality and performance.


Through the Ascension Method, we are fixing the mindset, and are capable of bypassing the conscious mind and creating change at an unconscious level in a very short time.  This is followed by a full assessment of your pillars of life mastery and realigning these with your mindset, saving you time and effort, so you can return to your daily life as a transformed human being, ready to live  a life of surrender and flow and experience an empowered life full of love, joy and freedom.